Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Tonight I'm going to miss out on the bike due to a critical time-crunch that is not of my doing. Sasha's fringe show previews tomorrow, and I didn't get the voiceover script that she needs unlil very late last night (not her fault, her stage manager forgot and then sent me the wrong script) so I have to record it tonight, assemble the other two pieces, burn them to CD, then head over to the U to drop them off at the final rehearsal. Past experience leads me to believe that I won't get home from this little excursion until well after 10:00.

I also need to record something for windelina if I can get Barb's help-- I don't know if she's back home yet from her trip to see her mom. If not, I shall need a woman (I just love saying that) tomorrow night after work.

Then there is the commentary track fiddling that I need to do. I've already made the requested corrections to the music and SFX tracks, so I need to fix the commentaries and alter the DVD authoring project to remove the stuff to be removed and add the stuff to be added. I don't have all the content yet, still waiting for one commentary track, the blooper reel (which is cut, I just don't have it in file form yet) and my own contribution to visual effects bloopers.

And there's this movie that I figured wouldn't happen that suddenly looks like it has funding. Way too many unknowns on that front yet, but I may need to bow out of shooting a funded feature.

This is so not the time for this shite.

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