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What the hell is it about rain?

This morning I stopped at StupidAmerica to pick up some life-giving fluid. All of the parking spots but one were filled, so I parked in that last one. It was pretty busy, and they were having an armored car pickup, so I figured it would be a few minutes.

It wasn't a horrible wait, maybe five minutes. But when I walked out, I saw that the 'Sploder had been parked in by a woman who was trying to fill her tires with air from a machine that has a big sign on it that says OUT OF ORDER. She was parked horizontally in front of me, and was not only blocking me in but was taking up half of one of the entrances.

I got in my vehicle. She looked right at me as I got in, there is no way she couldn't have seen me. She fiddled with the air hose for maybe another 30 seconds, then dropped it on the ground, and went over to her driver's side door. Not to get in, mind you... she reached in and got her purse, and walked into the store, leaving me parked in and blocked.

I'm guessing that she was doing her weekly grocery shopping, because she wasn't in any rush. Or maybe she was pissed off that the air compressor (which cost 50 cents) wasn't working and she was trying to get a refund or some shit.

Eventually she moseyed on out and drove away. I'm trying to not let it bother me, but I'm a bit cranky.

I pull out of the parking spot and head for the entrance, As I'm driving, a guy in a white bronco comes pulling in at a rather high speed. I slam on my brakes to keep from being hit, he slams on his brakes and hits his horn, gesturing for me to move.


I start to back up, figuring I'd move over so he has room to go by, but he moves forward right into me and keeps gesturing. Car pulls across behind me so I can't back up, guy in front is pissed, flipping me off and screaming something in spanish. Finally the car behind me moves and I back up enough to appease the pissed-off guy.

I make it to the freeway on-ramp, and cars are almost completely stopped. I just stay in the lane and get off at the next exit. I'm already late for work, so at this point I decide to stop in to Bruegger's for something to nosh on for breakfast.

Bruegger's has six parking spaces, all of which are full. Two vehicles are preparing to leave, so I put on my turn signal and wait.

And wait.

The first vehicle backs out of the parking spot into the middle of the tiny parking lot, and stops there. This absolutely blocks everyone else in. Cars are piling up behind me, they start beeping their horns. This woman starts applying her makeup.

Second guy in the parking lot gets out of his vehicle, goes over and knocks on her window. She looks startled, they exchange some words, she finally drives off. He gets in his minivan and drives off. I pull in and park, getting flipped off by the guy who was behind me (even though the other lane was clear and he could have just gone around).

Back in the car, everything is pretty uneventful until I get onto the Crosstown, and again there is traffic at a near standstill. At this point, I'm cautious. An sure enough, I see three near-accidents in front of me in the space of a mile from people trying to change lanes in frustration.

Eventually I get to work. Extra 20 minutes or so, plus the cool-down period that I needed. I'm still annoyed as shit.

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