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Taking a small break while I have a video rendering.

I am making DVDs this weekend for a couple of potential clients. The Haunted Commercial thing is generating some interest, so I have to get my ass in gear and get some of the stuff done.

I wanted to get started early today. but we had a roofing contractor come over and take a look at the house. New roof with new soffits and gutters comes out to over sixteen thousand dollars. Not exactly pocket change, but the company also handles refinancing houses, which we've been looking into anyway.

And yeah, it's a little high, but we're budgeting for a replacement of the actual roof decking as well.

So a good chunk of the afternoon was spent dealing with the details, then a lunch out, which got us home at around 4:00.

Had to install the new DVD burning software, then finish up one commercial and load the others. I have to bug them (add a logo so they can't be swiped from the DVD) and render them to MPEG-2 files, then create the DVD layout. It's kinda tedious, but it's also kinda fun. And as I add more commercials, I can just upgrade the project.

Unfortunately, the late start meant I had to blow off plans to go see the Matrix Reloaded at the Zoo.

Bla bla bla...

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