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Now with Damitol®!

Hot enough for you?

I spent a couple of good hours outside this morning, mostly driving with the windows down, but it was still hot and humid enough to make me sick.

Happily, work has decent A/C so I'm recovering, but I still feel woozy.

DVD project was finished and FedExed off this morning. Two destinations. Yay me!

Trip to Kansas City (for me anyway) is pooped off. I have to be up here to start taping Horror Inc. (Yes Windy, Babs is still going), and it's looking like the rest of the year is going to be taken up through the end of November or so. It's not like I don't have stuff to do, but a lot of it is really noncreative stuff like working on the house and cleaning. And we're not talking about the oops-mom's-coming-over straighening up, we're talking the armed-with-disinfectant-and-a-bulldozer cleaning that comes with old houses and a lot of crap.

To be fair, it's a lot my own fault. I'm something of a pack rat. Well, not a rat so much as a pack-warthog. I have a lot of stuff, and it's all useful stuff in that projects-I-will-never-get-to kind fo way. Costumers who hoard every scrap of fabric know exactly what I mean-- except fabric folds. My stuff just takes up space.
I know what I need to do, which is use the five-year rule: if I haven't touched it in five years, it goes. It's a matter of actually applying that rule, and havin the energy to haul crap out of the basement and the studio. And the Room Where No One Walks.

On the good side, we experimented with a new restaurant on Sunday night. El Rey de Oro (which I think means either the Sea of Gold or the Sea of Ears, my spanish is a little rusty) at 35th and Nicolett. As it turns out, they had been open under new management for only a week. It was very mexican. We were the only primary-english-language folks there, which IMHO is a good sign for somewhat authentic cuisine.
And we weren't disappointed. They had a mariachi band that was quite good but loud, and there was much reverlry. And when the food came, it was huge, Barb had a chimichanga which was about the size of her head, Val had a burrito about the same size, and I had fajitas which were dynamically tasty. The food is perhaps a little de-spiced to acclimate the Minnesota palate, but it's a definite recommend, particularly if you don't want to have a conversation while you eat (did I mention the mariachi band?).

And I'm back in Owatonna this week. Not so sure if hot tubbing will be in the cards tonight, and I forgot my fan at home, so tonight I must visit the Mecca of Evil, WAL*MART. And I think sleep would be a good thing.

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