Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

More spam poettry

let me see. blond catastrophe Well, if you live, I guess you'll learn.

All I ever did was pull you out of your wrecked car before you could freeze to death and splint your poor broken legs and give you medicine to ease your pain and take care of you and talk you out of a bad book you'd written and into the best one you ever wrote. And a little less. "I kept expecting you to holler. He held the jamb. It had been the match he wanted. He didn't know, but the fact that he had felt almost no pain during the week following the amputation was a pretty clear indicator of just how close, perhaps. The first sweep of the axe did no more than knock the wind from him — this was really what he thought until he landed on the carpet smelling his own blood. anvil

This comed from a message from the "fifth third bank" on some customer improvement stuff-- picture with text, click on the link, give your personal information, etc. etc.

I've never heard of the fifth third bank, except in spam. Does anybody actually fall for this stuff?

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