Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

SO I was having a conversation with my hot 19-year-old imaginary girlfriend, and the subject of strip poker came up.

I've played strip poker a few times. Alcohol has been involved in most... um, all of them, but it seems that they've all had different sets of rules. Most have been rather impromptu, a couple have been planned in advance. But it seems that in every case, the rules have been different.

Being the curious mind that I am, I decided to look around for strip poker rules.

My favorite so far comes from a nudist club, which is kinda funny IMHO (particularly with the truth-or-dare option):

The dealer chooses a game (deal is passed after each game, clockwise), and deals.

The choice of games should exclude games that rely on betting to work, as Strip Poker is not a betting game. Guts, Sweep, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card No Peek, 3-5-7, and variants are examples of betting games best avoided in a hand of Strip Poker. Two or None, Five Card Draw, Low Ball and similar one or no draw games are good Strip Poker games.

In it's simplest form, either the player with the lowest hand must remove one article of clothing, or all players except the highest hand must remove an article of clothing (depending on how fast your group of players wants the game to progress).

In this form, the game is played until only one player has clothes left (and is therefore the winner or looser as the case may be). Players who have lost all their clothes generally are required to remain nude until the game has finished, leaving only one winner.

As an optional rule, to insure fairness, have all players begin with the same number of articles. Five is generally a good number, counting pairs of shoes, or socks as one article.

However, this doesn't really go far enough. Problems that I've run into before have to do with jewelry (our solution was that all jewelry counted as one article of clothing), whether you can bet items of clothing that you've "won" (i.e. betting someone else's pants-- general rule is you can only bet your own clothing) and whether you can put articles of clothing back on (generally, no). And stuff in your pockets does not count.

I'm really kind of surprised at the variations that come up in strip poker rules. I'd really like to have a definitive set of rules for those rare occasions when it happens.

So what kind of rules do you think should be involved?

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