Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Birthday:April 28
Current Location:Bedroom
Eye Color:Green
Hair Color:Brown/Gray
Height:6 feet
Right Handed or Left Handed:Right
Your Heritage:American Dictionary
The Shoes You Wore Today:Are on the floor
Your Weakness:Hot goth babes
Your Fears:Giant wasps
Your Perfect Pizza:Asian chicken
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year:Fixing the house enough to have company
Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger:Heh.
Thoughts First Waking Up:Mmmrblflgll...
Your Best Physical Feature:Hard to say, I have so many
Your Bedtime:Whenever I get to bed
Your Most Missed Memory:I've forgotten...
Pepsi or Coke:Diet coke with lime.
MacDonalds or Burger King:Neither
Single or Group Dates:Both
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:fresh-brewed
Chocolate or Vanilla:both
Cappuccino or Coffee:neither
Do you Smoke:nope
Do you Swear:Fuck maybe.
Do you Sing:Not professionally (thank God)
Do you Shower Daily:Almost always
Have you Been in Love:I think so
Do you want to go to College:Been there, done that, got the T-shirt
Do you want to get Married:Been there, done that, got the T-shirt
Do you belive in yourself:In many ways, yes.
Do you get Motion Sickness:Rarely
Do you think you are Attractive:In many ways, yes
Are you a Health Freak:I work out 4-5 days a week and eat mostly healthy foods
Do you get along with your Parents:Mom, yes, though good at a distance
Do you like Thunderstorms:Usually
Do you play an Instrument:Not a musical instrument
In the past month have you Drank Alcohol:Unfortunately, yes
In the past month have you Smoked:nope
In the past month have you been on Drugs:prescription only
In the past month have you gone on a Date:No, but not for lack of trying
In the past month have you gone to a Mall:no
In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos:no
In the past month have you eaten Sushi:no
In the past month have you been on Stage:no
In the past month have you been Dumped:no, but I was stood up
In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping:no
In the past month have you Stolen Anything:no
Ever been Drunk:duh
Ever been called a Tease:flirt, maybe
Ever been Beaten up:no
Ever Shoplifted:no
How do you want to Die:comfortably
What do you want to be when you Grow Up:Rich, famous, and devilishly handsome.
What country would you most like to Visit:Oz.
In a Boy/Girl..
Favourite Eye Color:deep, dark brown or bright blue
Favourite Hair Color:Dark
Short or Long Hair:Long
Height:5' 2" or so
Best Clothing Style:I like gothy
Number of Drugs I have taken:16,384
Number of CDs I own:Those are the round flat things, right? Probably a couple hundred.
Number of Piercings:None left
Number of Tattoos:none, thinking about it
Number of things in my Past I Regret:22,724


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