Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Zombie Holocaust.

Trivia: Filmed on the same sets as Lucio Fulci's Zombi 2 (1979).

After the incredible 'Zombi 2' became such an International success, the producers decided to quickly cash-in with this mini-epic, originally titled 'Queen of the Cannibals'. A really goofy film, with many unintentionally hilarious moments, 'Zombie Holocaust' has really only one thing going for it. Gore! And lots of it: Limbs get amputated, hearts are torn out, disemboweled corpses are discovered, throats get slashed, a machete is slammed into a natives head, poor old Peter O'Neal has his stomach slashed open, his entrails pulled out and then his eye balls plucked from his head, a zombie's face is mashed with a propeller and brains/vocal cords are removed. It's a gore fans wet dream. The effects, by Rosario Prestopino and Maurizio Trani, are kind of cheesy yet at times they are also quite effective - and I quite like the look of the zombies.

Wow. Hot naked chick in the first half-hour, cheesy gore effects, badly dubbed dialogue. It's a masterpiece!

Things I learned from watching Zombie Holocaust:

When traveling to a remote south pacific island where you will be staying for weeks, you don't need to bring flashlights. If one of your party goes into the woods to relieve himself, screams and doesn't return, it's best to wait until morning to look for him.

Bearers die first.

Eyeballs are a delicacy.

Zombies are bald, and frighten away cannibals.

Littering isn't a problem in the south pacific.

Key plot points can defy logic.

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