Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Woke up this morning feeling sweaty-sick. Had just gotten out of bed and was considering calling in to work when the remodeling advisor showed up. I quick threw on some clothes and we scurried around the house for a couple of hours talking about what the house needed.

I must say, it was a most excellent experience. Much talk about cost-saving options, expected costs on projects, places to get materials, and so on. Including some leads on verified construction companies that will work with me on completion of projects and not just tear-down-and-start-new stuff.

And this place.

Though I'm no longer sweating, I do still feel wonky. Doctor's appointment tomorrow.

I have called and okayed the roofing contractor to start work, and I've called TUBS to pick up the dumpsterbag. I'm pretty sure I'll need to get another bag after the roofing guys are done, since they're probably gonna want the space to put their own dumpster, and I still have a lot more crap to toss out.

Tonight if it's raining, I'll probably pay a bunch of bills and do more CAD work so I can get plans resubmitted to the city for a new permit.

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