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Dumpsterbag disappeared sometime this morning before I left for the doctor's office. It's very good, but a little weird-- I kinda liked the little guy. In a way I think it represented a buttload of work, and now that it's gone, it's just empty space. I'll probably get another one since there's so much crap in my life, but I think I'm gonna wait until the roofers get done. I haven't heard from roofer guy yet.

Doc visit went well-- my blood pressure was the lowest it's been (117/69) so I am officially off blood pressure meds. He did change one of my meds and renewed the rest, but with the numbers I had from my last test, I'm back on a six-month checkup schedule. My HbA1c was 6.8, and since target is 7.0, I'm in very good control. My blood glucose numbers are still reading high in the morning-- still in good range, just higher than perfect and what the A1c would indicate. I suspect that it's because there's a 13-plus hour difference from when I take the last meds and I do the morning reading.

He loves the charting I've been doing. It's a great visual representation of trends.

Life is pretty mundane lately. Busy, but it's busy with mundane stuff. I have a bunch of requested changes that I need to make to the DVD, which is pretty much on hold while I deal with the city's demands and necessary repairs to the house, as well as fielding contractors. It's taking all of my available time, which leaves nothing for either creative or social outlets.

It's driving me a little nuts. I'm not meant to be filled with mundane crap. I'm meant to be loved by many hot goth babes in a hot tub.

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