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I'm reasonably happy being single, but once in a while, the loneliness smacks me upside the head like Flipper on a saki bender. Today is one of those days: I'd really rather be snugglin' in bed with my favorite girl, sleepy and warm, touching. Maybe it's the rain and the cold.

See, it's not clear in my head whether I want that because it would make me feel happy, or because in order to be there in the first place I'd have to be happy. I suspect it's the latter, as there have been a few snugglin' times that haven't exactly been times of great joy, and I'm pretty damn sure that I don't want to be basing my expectation of self-happiness on the vagaries of another. Womenfolk tend to actually be human, or at least most of the ones that I know are. There are some exceptions that I've come across, which don't really merit further discussion; the ones I'm interested in are actually human.

With humanity comes the existence of frailties and foibles. Neuroses, good days and bad, hair in the shower, toothpaste on the TV, coasters on the furniture, pet hair on the pants.

Is you am a dog?

I need a party. An adult party, with comfortable couches, soft friends, soul music, decadence, darkness, and red velvet. I need to get back to Lord Hedon.

I met a little devil called Buena Buena

I know how to get there. I've gotten away from that, and I think it's a core part of who I need to be. Who I am. The spooky style, the visual richness, the texture of warmth. I need to get back to music and warmth, balance and comfort. Time to relax and not have to do anything.

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