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AC shut off, windows thrown open. It's a bit warm, but the stuffiness of the past few months really needed an airing out.

Traveled to get more pet supplies today, and got sucked into the black hole that is Breast Buy. Came out slightly scathed, with a handful of DVDs:

Silent Hill
Ghost Game
The Graveyard
All Souls Day (Extreme uncut version) (Mark A Altman, writer!)
Underworld Evolution
Final Destination 3 ( 2 disc thrill ride edition)
The Wicker Man (1973 Edward Woodward/Christopher Lee version)

I could not find the Bloodrayne DVD/game package anywhere. I only found one Uwe Boll DVD, and it was Alone in the Dark (which I already have).

It strikes me that I need to have an independent horror movie night at the Big Broken Box sometime in the not-horribly-distant future. A few things need to be fixed first, but I think it could be some serious fun.

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