Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

weight for it

Breakfast this morning is oatmeal with slices of nectarine. It's tangy-good, and at the speed I'm eating it, it will likely become lunch as well.

The weight loss/healthifying continues to proceed. I am close enough to my first major goal that I have to start thinking of how I actually measure it. You see, I weigh myself daily, as my weight tends to have a certain noise level associated with it-- daily fluctuations-- and then I average over the week. That seems to work pretty well, and it tames down the noise better than if I just weighed myself weekly.

However, there are some funky things that happen, like CONvergence weekend. Anomalous, and it threw off the average. Now if I take a rolling three-week average, the graph shows an almost steady progression, which is sort of how I read it in the long-term sense, like over several months.

But my first major goal is on the horizon: it's possible I could cross the line on a daily weigh-in as soon as next week. That's close enough that I need to make a decision as to when I've officially crossed the line.

The choices are:
1.) First daily weigh-in under goal weight
2.) Weekly average under goal weight
3.) Entire week under goal weight
4.) 3-week average under the goal weight

1 and 4 seem extreme to me, though they are good indices of the turbulence of passing through a barrier. (Yes, the "barrier" is a complete artifice of data, but since I'm working in data-space here, it's meaningful.)

2 and 3 are more realistic. I suppose #2 is the closest to a standard weigh-in, and is kind of leading the pack for the key value, though #3 has a certain "you made it" quality that I like.

It seems that crossing the border isn't a single event, but a series of events. Go figure.

Incidentally, I find this playing with data to be kind of fun. There's a real close association with information theory and signal processing that while I understand in the abstract, using my own real-life data brings a sense of understanding to it that's really meaningful.

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