Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

She crossed the room to the mirror and patted her smooth hairapprovingly. He had never lost a boat or even beenforced to dump a cargo.
Merriwether invited him to dinner, feeling that this concessionmore than paid for the gift.
She unlocked the door and went down the dim winding stair with alight heart. The helpless wounded succumbed to hercharms without a struggle.
But Icall that arrogance matchless courage. If you were run over by a railroad train your death wouldntsanctify the railroad company, would it? Outside of the army heroes, he was the most talked-about man inAtlanta.
During the months when the town accepted him, Scarlett had beenunder no illusions about him.
Ashleys small even writing leaped up at her as she read, My dearwife, and she breathed in relief. There were many things she kept from her motherthese days. If ever anyhusband of mine wrote me such twaddle-twaddle, hed certainly hearfrom me!
If the people who started wars didnt make them sacred, who wouldbe foolish enough to fight?
You cant make me mad by calling me names that aretrue. Oh, if you are going to be hateful and rude enough to bring thatup again!
He was a dashing figure and one that people turned to look at. The monotonous rows ofsoldiers graves at Oakland Cemetery stretched longer every day. Even her sisters weretaken up with their own concerns.
Im much prettier than she is, she continued, and I dont seewhy youre nicer to her.
Nothing may be sacred to you, young man, he said, in the voicehe always used when making speeches. Her emotions toward him had not changedsince the day when she first fell in love with him. He was a dashing figure and one that people turned to look at. You are just as capable now as then of throwing vases ifyou dont get your own way. But I mustnt be selfish and keep you here when you are needed tonurse in Atlanta, she said.

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