Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Our software intern had his last day today, so we went for Chinese food at a reastaurant in Eden Prairie Center. I got a plate of raw vegetables and fruit and started nibbling.

20 minutes later, I was in the bathroom puking.

The only thing that I ate that was even questionable was the baby corn, which were a bit saltier than expected, and raw. I usually have them cooked in something.

Stomach is still tender, but I'm not feeling immediately pukey anymore. Nobody else got sick.

When I went to the doctor last, he changed my prescription from Aandia and Metformin to Avandamet; it's basically the two combined into one medication. I think that there is an interaction that may be happening if I take that too soon after the injection of the Gila Monster Spit that makes me much more prone to nausea.

Or maybe raw baby corns are something I just shouldn't eat.

(Edit: baby corn, not baby carrots. Silly me.)

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