Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I think I may be a party pooper.

Not meaning that if you have me over to a party I'll be dropping the kids off at the pool in your honor, but rather that many of the entertainment and social events that a lot of my friends go to just don't seem to interest me anymore.

For instance:

The State Fair. The Great Minnesota Get-Together. I have no urge to go; I think I last went ten years ago as part of a TV show that never aired, and there was just nothing there that held any interest for me. The closest thing was the Haunted House, and it turned out to be so lame that I never wanted to go back (reports are that it hasn't changed in the ten years). Food on a stick doesn't impress me that much, and deep-frying is not exactly the healthiest food choice I could make. I'm not really hep about the fairway, and I got enough visions (and smells) of high-tech agriculture to last me a lifetime during my stint in the Gulag.

Valleyfair. Does anyone go there anymore? I went as a kid and it was boring then.

Rennaisance Festival. Many friends perform at the festival, and they enjoy it. It just does not call to me. I'd enjoy it in smaller doses, like hammered dulcimer music or Irish beer, but at the price of the tickets, I feel like I need to spend the entire day and there's just not enough draw. Maybe if there was a rennaisance haunted house, I'd go.

Fringe Festival. This one is harder for me to justify, since I also have many friends who do shows in the fringe (some of which I did things for), and the experimental theater nature of the whole thing intrigues me a great deal. At the same time, the have-to-have-the-button and the kinda chunky expense for an ultrapass rankles me, particularly at a time when I was strapped for both cash and time. And it seems entirely too compressed and frantic.

Mall of America. The crowds, overpriced theaters and food, the rather soulless nature of the whole thing; every time I go I just end up feeling uptight and exhausted.

Pub Crawl. Drinking isn't really my thing, moreso these days because of the ugly hangover risk.

Art crawl/Uptown Art Fair/Etc. Neat art, but a lot of attitude that kinda turns me off.

Conventions. I do two: CONvergence and Omegacon.

Granted, this year has been particularly bad as far as available money and time, but even with those considerations I'm not sure I'd be tempted into any of these activities.

OTOH, I do try to head up the haunt crawl every year. Last year was kinda bad with so many events that were closed, and the night at Trail of Terror was apparently the night of bussed-in high school kids (grotesquely long lines, yo). And if there was an event that could combine a hot tub with emotionally stable strippers, it would probably be a mainstay of my existence.

Perhaps HauntedStripperGothTubFest?

(That so needs to be in German.)

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