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Difficulty concensomething today. Brain is full.

Went for walk. Helped a little, got me out of cube farm. Not enough. Analyzing code, originally written in assembly, translated to C, minimal comments. Sucks wads. Nonstandard use of terminology is misleading.

Brain keeps traveling to Big Broken Box™, thinking about projects that need to be done, how to do them. Need to update CAD drawings ASAP, need to plan other projects, need to clean several different rooms at once. Thrashing, squirrel dance, panic. Too much. Need small, slow. Sleepy.

Suppose too much caffiene.

Still thinking of a Halloween-ish party. Probably a small one, since the house is still not gonna be exactly prime, and I don't want to freak the pets out too much.

(Aside: I love the radio station I listen to online.)
A friend in need is a friend indeed
A friend with weed is better
A friend with breasts and all the rest
A friend who's dressed in leather
-- Placebo, Pure Morning

Of course, if it's a Halloween-ish party, it must be a costume party. And a costume party needs a theme.

So far, I'm torn between two:


Ultragoth (think goth, thenm take it as far as you can)
Zombies vs. Strippers (pick one or the other)

I'm leaning more toward the second one, as I think the costumes would be easier for most folk.

This is all bearing on my ability to have a house in near-complete condition in the next several weeks. And unfortunately I won't have a hot tub.

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