Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Got some work done today.

Finished the side wall on the front of the house; that involved far too much extra crap, like finding an ants nest in the bricks and having to deal with that first.

After that, I did a bunch of cleaning and prepping of the sidewalk for the mudjacking. Shoveling, pulling up the old drain pipes, chopping out roots.

FInished up outside stuff around 7:00 or so. Fed the pets, then set out to figure out how to install the printer on the new machine. Ended up replacing the 8-port switch with the 16-port hub, resetting everything (including the DSL modem), searcing in vain for an install disk. Finally ended up going through a rather convoluted manual installation process, which worked.

Two more pieces of software to install, then I think I'm pretty much complete on the new beast. His name is Ultra.

And I finally got to eat dinner at 9:30. Including a couple of fresh red peppers off of my rear deck pepper plants. Sweet and tangy.
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