Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I still get periodic updates from various dating sites. OkCupid sent these along, and I am highly amused.

36 - F - Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
"Interests in traditional asiatic archery,black metal,the Nephilim,Hittites,egyptology,tight-lacing corsetry,the occult."

33 - F - Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States

"Books: I LOVE to read. Mainly sci-fi and fantasy, with a little mystery and thriller thrown in. Moves: Action, adventure, drama, basically anything but romance. Music: Celtic and industrial. I realize that's an odd combination, but hey. Foods: Italian, American,..."

52 - F - Mazomanie, Wisconsin, United States

"Books: Thomas Pynchon (new book due out in December 2006!), Anne Tyler , Tracy Kidder , Jane Smiley , lots of non-fiction . Movies: art, indie, foreign, and non-blockbuster Hollywood stuff; documentaries; psychological and literary dramas. Music: most everything depending on my mood;..."

36 - F - Salem, South Dakota, United States

"If you are tired of the dating games and looking for someone who is smart funny and cute, look no further. Lets chat and see what there is. I like to be outdoors and on my weekends I like to go to the cities or out to the hills just to get away. Ive got a stressful job but I can rearrange anything..."

32 - F - Rock Island, Illinois, United States

"I work at a juvenile detention facility

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