Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

What was I smoking?

Fire burns, darkness rages
spill my love in steel cages
rank with sweat and filled with toil
fleeting as my sweet blood's boil

silence broken, filled with lust
screams of all thy broken trust
olive branches seal thy doom
binding thee from room to room

careless caverns painted red
nightmare lanterns fill my head
savage fingers thrust and beckon
marinated soldiers reckon

suddenly the silence falls
within these darkened sultry walls
the flames rescind, the voices still
a measure of my own free will

someone help me smell me scream
tell myself it's just a dream
rhyme nor reason fail me now
at thy feet my spirits bow

and in its place the tower falls
death comes quickly to the halls
the beast of burden bears a yawn
the dance too quickly come and gone.

Another night, another place
I waken simply to your face
the memory worn pale and thin
will you pass this way again?

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