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Today I just feel sad.

In a bizarre feat of synchronicity, I managed to get my "romantic match" emails from both Yahoo! personals and OKCupid at nearly the same time. And I realized that seeing both of them made me dread looking. It's always the same, but with different women: maybe a couple of interesting things, but something that gets thrown out that's a deal breaker.

...Aesthetically pleasing: in other words, Fly...

Nothing is coming together the way that I had hoped. Bits and pieces of my life are ablating, falling off in a firey cloud. Perhaps that's part of the process of transition, but right now I feel like I don't have an identity; that I'm just a shell around a loose collection of parts that are rusting like a '57 Chevy.

...Everybody needs a little getaway...

I don't recognize myself in the mirror. I know that it must be my reflection, because it scrunches up its face like I think my face should scrunch, but it's like a puppet. It's not me.

Feelin' a little lost.

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