Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Sneezy, to be precise. And probably a little Dopey. And certainly Sleazy. He was the eighth dwarf, edited out by Disney censors. Oh, the things he did to that Snow White-- she really wasn't so snow white after all, but I digress...

Eitehr the pollen count is way out there (only moderate weed pollen according to, or I've got other allergies to deal with. Or I've got a cold. Or (thanks to alisgray) the reminder of dust mites, little bastards. I'm thinking most likely pet dander, since none of the pets seems to like being vacuumed; I'll probably start vacuuming the bed now with a HEPA filter vac.

The sun came out, however briefly. I haven't seen the sun for a few days, so it's an odd and rather welcome sight, bright and cheery and hopefully warm. I've opened the windows in the house to let the fresh air in, so it's been a mite chilly, but at least I'm not burning the electrons with the AC or contributing to the carboxylation of the atmosphere with the boiler running. I'd like to see September as a no-heat/no-cool month; October is probably too much to ask for.

My filter code appears to be working. The problem seemed to be that the coefficients themselves were not accurate enough: we've now moved to 14 decimal places instead of the previous six and the filter works fine.

Didn't get the CAD work finished last night like I should have. I had a late start on everything due to being delayed at work for an interview, and I just never really recovered. I did discover that the installation of the Boulder Creek Stone that I've been looking at requires basically the same steps as stucco.

I think it looks better than stucco.

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