Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

For Sale

Hot Realtor Babe is selling a car, and asked me to pass along the info:

2003 Pontiac Vibe

I bought this car while in a past relationship, and the biggest reason I am selling is because I wish to move forward, and close that chapter of the past. It has been meticulously cared for, and I would not hesitate to sell it to a friend, relative, collegue or anyone in my regular daily life.

Even on the coldest mornings, it always started. Even in -25. The first 2.5 years of ownership, it was parked each evening in a garage with in-floor heat, and washed bi-weekly at a no-touch carwash. Since it has been in a non-heated garage and washed bi-weekly. The engine is the same one as in a Toyota Matrix, so there are many miles left in this attractive and reliable

A busy person (college student, mom, self employed) would appreciate the reliability, low operating costs, and sharp styling.

The car makes a nice statement pulling up. The radio displays station, song and artist when signal is sent from radio station, so that is fun too.

Additional details:

The manual transmission gets GREAT mileage. (32-35 MPG).

All tires were replaced about a month ago-I stepped up a bit to a slightly mid-range tire to improve handling. ($500+).

An after-market alarm/keyless entry was added on the day of purchase ($300+ value).

Higher-end headlights replaced the factory ones ($40+ each), so road viewing is better than factory lights provided (just this past winter).

Wipers were replaced with better than factory, resulting in better clearing of the windshield, and virtually no wiper squeak. (couple months ago?).

All manuals, keys and documentation are available for your perusal.

99,800 miles

1.8L L4 MFI engine

Must Sell.

If you're interested, I'll give you her contact info. I've seen it, and it is a nice vehicle. I have a .pdf flier I can send you that has a picture.

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