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Rant of the day

Okay. Simply enough, I've been a contract engineer for somewhere around eight years now, which means I've been in and out of jobs on a fairly regular basis. Being unemployed is a normal, planned event. But now I'm getting older, and I want some stability. I want a job where I can go and plan on being there for years, and have the knowledge that my job will still be there tomorrow.

The problem is that those jobs don't exist anymore. My last permanent job lasted six weeks before an unfortunate loss of a contract caused my untimely demise. And even Medtronic suffered their first layoffs of permanent employees while I was contracting there. DAL is now a two-person operation (down from around 20), and my friend at Laveen Machine was on 3-day weeks last time I called. And how many friends are currently (or have recently been) unemployed, or are in jobs that they had to take to make ends meet?

So I'm looking to provide myself and Barb with some level of financial security. And I don't think I'm gonna find it with a traditional job.

My ideal situation would be one where I'm not relying on anyone else for a paycheck. Of course, isn't that everyone's ideal situation?

Yeah. I know. You don't have the answers any more than I do. If you did, we'd probably know about it already because you'd at least let people know about your good fortune.

It's just that I find myself in this same place over and over and I never seem to get anywhere. Maybe I'm looking for a new perspective, something I haven't thought of before.


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