Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Ass alligators today. Assigators?

Last night involved a trip to Micro Center to pick up a DVI cable. Barb has taken over the laptop for the time being to do some work, and Ultra has a dual-DVI video card, so I figured I might as well add the screen real estate.
When I got to MC, I discovered that they are having a closeout sale on their books. Fully 2/3 of their books are on sale at prices from $2.99 - $6.99. I walked out with a stack of books fully two and a half feet high, and ones I can really use. Two feet of them are currently with me at work: books on Java, Perl, XML, and TCP/IP. It's a lovely sight, and I have generated a considerable amount of envy.

And I got the cable too. And a handful if 1Gb USB thumb drives. And some 50-pack DVD+Rs, which were freakin' cheaper than CD-Rs.

Tonight is printing out the CAD drawings and packetizing them so that Barb can take them to the planning office tomorrow for pulling the permit. I still have more stuff to do than I have time and energy for, but I am making progress.

I'm burning a couple of vacation days next week to try and finish the framing for the porch before the city crawls up my ass with a searchlight again. I doubt that I can get it finished, but I can probably get a significant portion of the framing done, and hopefully the roof as well. Maybe it will be enough.

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