Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

After a rather nice dinner last night with the lovely Artemis, this morning I got to sleep in but for a minor pet-fest of cuddly mammals who thought I needed some attention. It is kind of a nice way to wake up.

Did the weigh-in this morning, and at first glance I thought that the scale had broken because the numbers made no sense. Then I thought I had really crapped out with going out to dinner and had overindulged way too much. Then the realization sunk in: I had broken the first barrier.

This is only the daily weigh-in, so it's not the "official" number, but it is the first excursion south of the border of my first goal weight. It marks the first phase of the goal:

Phase 1: First crossing below goal
Phase 2: Average for the week below goal (the official number)
Phase 3: Entire week below goal
Phase 4: three-week average below goal

So while it's not time for celebration quite yet, it's first notice.

Interesting trend data:

weight trends before I started riding the bike

weight trends after I started riding the bike

Makes a pretty clear case for exercise.

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