Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Well, at least I was able to load an unload a ton of lumber in the rain. Not quite a ton, more like 1800 lbs, but close enough that I feel pretty sated for any more work for the day. I got rather thoroughly drenched, and the wood got wet, though it's not soaked.

Note to self: 'Nards has 3/4" birch B/C sanded plywood for $22 a sheet. That's cheaper than pine C/D.

I ended up going with 3/4" T&G OSB since it was $16 a sheet. It won't withstand direct exposure to weather, but it will in fact be covered by a sheet of EPDM rubber, otherwise known as a roof condom. I'll still seal it first; I have considerable knowledge of the construction of OSB, and I can use materials that will bond with the existing bonder in the wood. The edges are particularly prone to absorption.

Tonight, I'm gonna sleep. Tomorrow is another day, and there will be the working.

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