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Bad news for me.

I got some bad news today. It's not something I was particularly unaware of, but I did have hope, and now that is pretty much gone. It is a relationship issue, and it does involve my sex life, which aside from the ravings that I write here, I do tend to keep the details private, as it affects other people as well. Usually. :)

This one is hard though. This is something I want/need to talk with others about, but I have trust issues that make that difficult, particularly when someone else is involved.

On one hand, if it was something I could discuss anonymously it might be helpful. On the other, it is something which I would like advice from people that I care about rather than just random folk.

So here's what I'm thinking: LJ allows you to make a protected listing class custom, or a kind of invite-only list. I'm thinking of making such a list which would be about topics of a more intimate and private nature, and you'd have to actively request to be added. The thing I ask in return is confidentiality and participation.

I wasn't thinking of a community necessarily, but that might be a better option.

Any thoughts? Interest?
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