Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

And the thermostat wars begin...

When we moved into the new workplace, apparently there was some confusion as to the heating and cooling system. I've been fighting the battle through channels for a while, and there was supposedly some progress, since they removed a couple of the thermostats.

Well, my cube has been freezing lately, like below 60 degrees. Bad enough that it makes it difficult to type. I've been suffering through it, but today it was bad enough that the PM got involved.

He discovered that the thermostat that controls our area is actually contained in the bio lab, which is a relatively small room with a whole bunch of equipment operating in it.

He went and turned the heat on.

Which is great out here in the big area. It finally got to about 70 degrees, which is comfortable.

Unfortunately it shot the bio lab up to about 85, so the guy in the bio lab turned the setting back to "auto". Now the A/C is on, and it's blowing cold air into the cube farm.

I expect this will end badly.
Tags: work

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