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Woke up for no real reason, and can't get back to sleep.

Not much in the way of updates. House is making progress, and a solid day of work yesterday was helpful in that whole direction; I still need to finish attaching the ledgerboard and making sure it's securely anchored to the house, which will probably be the main goal of today. The headers are completely attached and the walls straight (or as straight as they're gonna get), and if all goes well, next weekend might actually be the weekend of installing the roof. There is still plenty to do before that time, but it's in some smaller manageable pieces that I can do in the evenings, or at least I hope so. I'd really like the whole roofing part to go smoothly, since I've taken the time to try and design it so that it would. Some of the parts will be pre-cut and drilled, and will fit together like Lincoln Logs. I've learned how to cut the notches correctly (finally-- it's a little trickier than you'd think), and the CAD program does the proper measuring.

There's still a lot of detail stuff that needs to be done, like proper flashing (lio has a good start on that), cleanup trim, the final housewrap, and I can't tell you what the whole EPDM membrane roof scenario will be like, since I have to seam it, and I've never done that before. I have the instructions and they are pretty

straightforward, but it's still a little unknown. I'm planning an entire day for that alone.

Even with all that, it's still a long way from being done. I just want to get it to a point where it's buttoned up against the winter. There's still insulation and siding and windows and a whole new set of front porch steps to go.

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