Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Well holy crap in a paint bucket, it's already October and I haven't even looked at the annual Haunt Crawl. I am remiss in my duties.

So I'm jiggling the handle a bit to see if there is any interest in this year's haunt crawl. Tentative date is Friday the 13th (that's next friday for you calendarically-challenged folk).

The lineup is pretty limited this year. Tunnel of Terror (the St. Paul Jaycees haunt in the caves) is closed for good due to the Fire Marshall's restrictions, so the only two known quantities are

Fright Farm

Trail of Terror

There are several others. ValleyFair has stepped up to the plate this year with ValleyScare which looks promising, but is pretty much a night unto itself, and is a completely unknown quantity. Might be a job for a second night the following weekend, possibly with an appetizer of the Fright at Night haunt.

Some others:,040All_50_States,041/Minnesota/

Nightmare at Pinehaven Farms has a pretty good hayride, but it's a hell of a trip and hasn't really been worth going the last couple of times.

FrightNight Haunted House jmanna and I went to last year. Not a main attraction by any means.

Haunting Experience is designed for kids and is pretty low-scare.

Dungeons of Darkness and Doom is usually pretty low on the scare pole. It's a tow-through haunt and is pretty light on the atmospherics.

So, any interest?

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