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It's a travesty

The past couple of days at work have been pretty difficult. While my original project is wrapped up and ready for test, there is another related project that came up because as it turns out, new Nissan cars may in some cases use the old protocol. But, the car that we have doesn't like the old protocol from our tool, but likes it from a different tool.

And we have several people on it trying to find out why.

We've been looking at the signal with several different oscilloscopes because they show glitching in different ways. We've made changes to the hardware. I've made changes to the code. And nothing has been making it work.

This afternoon, the driver guy made a tiny bit of progress, in that he was able to establish a link to the vehicle, but the vehicle did not return recognizable data.

And tomorrow is DV1. Code validation. Narf.

A long night awaits.

I'm lonely.

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