Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Know what I hate?

Nazi zombies.

Goddamn Nazi zombies.

<tr><td bgcolor="#333366">LESSONS LEARNED</td></tr>
<tr><td>1. When accosted by nazi zombies, try pulling off their goggles. If they're not wearing goggles...I guess you're screwed.
2. Don't hide in a walk-in refrigerator with someone who's claustrophobic.
3. Never fire a flare gun in an enclosed a walk-in refrigerator.</td></tr><tr><td bgcolor="#333366">
<tr><td>-"Don't you know, we've been hit by a ghost ship."
-"The sea spits out what it can't keep down."
-"Sure we hit something, a school of canned tuna."
-"There is danger here. Danger in the water."</td></tr>

In other news, I'm awake yet again. I turned the heat on (though I have yet to remove the A/C from the bedroom window), and while the bedroom (and me) was cold last night, it warmed up after I piled on the blankets. Thus there was a bad sweating accident, which is now involving a blower and one broken fan in the process. So I am currently hanging out while the evaporation process goes to town.

Currently watching The Wicker Man (the Edward Woodward version, not the Nicholas Cage version), which should be a creepy-ass story. So far, the movie has been about as creepy as a 1970's Canadian beer commercial, which is to say not at all. Think American Werewolf in London in the pub, except take away any creepiness, and you're about on track.

I'm still fairly early in the process of watching it, so it may yet redeem itself. And Britt Eklund naked can't be a bad thing.

Okay, back to bed. Ta!

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