Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Stiff and sore today; lifting my arms above my head is something I'd rather not do.

I'm afraid that the weather has turned. Gone are the 70-degree days when the adhesives flowed freely and were easy to apply; now I have to contend with viscosity and long curing times, and possible freezing. And then there's the rain to contend with, which is making me crazy. There were some showers early yesterday that I worked through, and very little beats being cold and wet and trying to work with your hands. This wednesday there is rain forecast, and the thunderboomer kind of rain: big and ferocious. And I very likely won't have the rubber membrane installed by then, and possibly not even all of the roof decking. I'm gonna have to buy a tarp to cover the roof in the meantime and hope it's enough to keep most of the water from getting through.

I really suck at estimating the time it's gonna take for this kind of work. Even dropping my estimates, I figured I'd have the roof covered by last night, and it's not even decked yet. I'm thinking I might even be better off not decking until after the wednesday rain forecast, and holding off until this weekend. I'll have to wrap the decking (that is currently fairly nicely stacked on top of the joists) in plastic sheeting, but that's do-able.

Wednesday and thursday are gonna be cold, yo. Forecast is for snow. The weekend warms into the 50's but that's about it. I'm gonna need to invade the shed and bring in any chemicals that can freeze (or that would be damaged by freezing). And I still have to deal with the tools and materials that are currently taking up space in the living room.

Too much stuff, not enough time.

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