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Enno Rubik, move over.

So it started off with wanting to attach the front rim joist.

I needed some way to hold it in place, or rather the two pieces since it is comprised of two twelve-foot sections. Stopped by the hardware store to pick up a couple of L brackets. Had to mess with the ladder a lot to actually attach these, which took far too much time and involved both a drill and a power screwdriver. Took time because the places where the ladder needed to be were rather uneven.

Decided that the best way to place and nail the rim joist was from the roof. Remember that there is no roof decking, just the bare joists.

Had to cut the sections down from the longer wood pieces, brought them up to the porch and stuck them through the spaces between joists. Brought out the compressor and tossed the air hose up to the roof. Several times before it actually stuck. Brought the nailgun upstairs and went out through the window.

Discovered that coming out of the window onto bare joists was not my idea of a good time, so I got a scrap of wood to lay across the joists to step on.

At this point I realized that I would need to put down some of the roof decking sheets (the 3/4" OSB) temporarily to have a place to work. Unfortunately because of the way they were piled, this ended up being a theme, as I had to move sheets a bunch of times before finally giving in and moving all of them and setting three of them in place with three others in a temporary holding position along the edge.

Discovery: the roof has a slight pitch to it, about 4" drop in ten feet. This turns out to be just perfect to feel like you're losing your balance pretty much constantly, and is a near constant supply of adrenaline. Combine this with tricky gaps in the floor, and it made for a very long night with me crawling around a whole lot.

Got the rim joist on and nailed in place somewhere around 8:30. Cleaned stuff up, came inside, figured I'd do one last bit with attaching a light to the porch temporarily so I don't have to have the work light and extension cords out there all the time. Now I can actually move the work light up to the roof so I can work later tomorrow and maybe actually get the decking in place and firmly attached.

It's gonna be another late night, but I suppose there have to be some late nights in the process.

At least I didn't fall off or anything.

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