Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


Early morning stolen time again. Darkness, in more ways than one.

Seeing a lot of anger and frustration, pent-up rage, and sorrow coming out lately. Not everyone, certainly, but here and there. It seems to be the time of failing relationships, strife and general angst, maybe because it's getting darker and colder and the new has worn off the bucket.

I worry about some of my friends who have things happening to them beyond their control, things beyond my capacity to do anything about, things that may hurt them (or others) permanently. In that respect, I'm the lucky one: the things that are damaging to me are within my power to change. I have a choice.

The waning moon is not the time for blessing, or I would hold that those who need could find solution or solace as is fitting. The porch has drawn blood on the night of a full moon (or just slightly waning), so its needs are fulfilled, at least for now. I didn't put that together until now; had I recognized it at the time, I would have consecrated it.

There will always be more. The world thrives on change, devours that which stands still.

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