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Tugging at heartstrings

Yes, it's for a good cause.

I try not to let it out, but I have a major-league soft spot for the furry domestic critters that we call pets. All of my pets are rescues, and very dearly loved.

This link comes from a friend who knows one of the women involved in this rescue:

Pets in need of rescue

There's a shelter in Kentucky who is out of money and has been unable to feed the dogs that they've taken in. Several of them have already been euthanized, but Karrie and co. have rented vans and are bringing back a passle o' pups. They're needing donations of pet food, medical care, and other sundry needs, money for gas and helping offset the rental and so on, or adoption if you are so inclined.

You can even make online donations at (note the Harlan Rescue Fund if you do).

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