Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

You can probably skip this one, it's mainly a to-do list.

This is what happens when you're wearing black leather gloves and messing with solvents. My skin is now dyed black. And I'm seeing lots of pretty colors.

I'm thinking this should become an icon.

With the porch nearing closure for the winter, there's a bunch of stuff that I want to get organized as far as projects go.


Flashing and drip edge on roof
EPDM membrane glued down and spliced
side walls sheathed
side wall window frame sides in place
flashing & caulking window wells

Front of house:
Corner flashing on NE corner
Top flashing
Flashing of porch roof (after membrane)
1" insulation


Inside of porch:
Remove existing plaster
Locate and drill access for conduit runs
install light fixtures
install sockets
trim windows
acid stain floor
paint/finish interior (Ven. plaster?)
Front stoop

Fix sidewalk
Tear out old concrete in back
New concrete/paver driveway/patio
New garage
Bomb shelter(?)
South side deck
Hot tub
General landscaping


routing of cable conduits between floors

Living room:
remove the damn jack posts
Fix walls & ceiling cracks & dings
light fixtures(?)
redo floor
Cove moulding
Ven. plaster(?)

Dining room:
Repair big gaping hole in ceiling
Fix walls & ceiling cracks & dings
replace chandelier
add overlights to bay and buffet
Add other light fixtures (?)
redo floor
Cove moulding
Ven. plaster(?)

Hall of Doors:
Take up floor and see what's underneath
Add faux doors & finish trim
Change the damn light fixture to something else

Tear out and remodel
Add fan
redo plumbing
change window
radiant floor heat

SW bedroom:
Fix window
fix bad repair job in ceiling/wall
patio door in W wall (?)
Add/reconfigure closet

Take off old cabinets (save)
Tear up HW floor
Replace window with bay
Fix walls
reconfig pantry
figure out new place for refrigerator
radiant heat
extend into breezeway(?)
Fix icemaker

North bedroom:
Fix crumbly wall

Strip & refinish
Figure out what to do with the damn walls
better lighting

Upstairs bathroom:
Extend to east
tear out & remodel
replumb (see downstairs bathroom)
Reinforce floor
radiant floor heat
Add spa tub & shower

ADR lounge:
Tear out carpet
Replace door/window with patio door unit
(fix the EPDM over breezeway)
Add wiring for studio equipment
Radiant floor heat
Access to new deck(?)

Tear off old paperboard
New insulation
Finish interior (cedar?)
French patio door


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