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I am racially insensitive.


John is carrying several bags of duty-free liquor. He flags a taxi.

JOHN Great. Take me to the downtown Marriott.

CABBIE I am sorry sir, but you cannot ride in my cab with bottles of liquor.

JOHN I can't what? Why? What's the problem?

CABBIE It is against my religion to carry alcohol in my cab.

JOHN What does that mean, "against your religion"?

CABBIE I am a follower of islamic law, Sha'ria. By sha'ria law, I cannot take alcohol in my conveyance or I will not get into paradise when I die.

John thinks for a minute.

JOHN Is it not also true that if you come into contact with "unclean" meat or blood that you will also be refused entrance into paradise?

CABBIE Yes, that is also true.

JOHN And pork is considered by you to be unclean?


John slaps the cabbie in the face with a pork chop.

JOHN Problem solved. Let's go!


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