Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Cavorting through the Everglades of my brain, I discover that I am in serious flux.

1.) The porch is nearly finished, or at least "finished" in the sense that it's nearly ready for the framing inspection. All I really have left is sheathing the side walls, which I could probably do tonight if I were to get off my ass. Actually it would mean trading the bike time for some after-dark bike time. If I can pull it off I might be able to watch CSI on the bike, which would fulfill my sense of guilt appeasement.

2.) The weather is getting colder. It's pushing the limits of what I can do as far as any more work on the house exterior, so this weekend is likely to be the last push for the exterior stuff. I need to do some further flashing and get the exterior insulation up.

3.) The Haunt Crawl seems to be pretty dead. I was gonna try to manage this Friday night, but my heart really isn't in it this year. I might swing out to the Fright Farm, but I'm not feeling like going alone out to TOT or Valleyscare.

4.) I am actually dating again, consistently with the same woman for more than three dates. And I've forgotten how to date. It would be funny if it weren't true, but I'm feeling at a total loss for what to do. I can fix almost anything mechanical or electrical, but I am a total moron when it comes to romanticity. More distinctly, I am feeling devoid of anything interesting to talk about-- it's all home repair, work, health and exercise... and that's pretty much it. When in the Farookin' Prairie Dog did I become so damn boring?

5.) Social life is still pretty much nonex. That's probably contributory to the above.

6.) Creative outlets are currently shut down. That's definitely contributory. I know it's building up-- I already have artworks in mind to be working on. I'm holding off until I have a clean space to do them, and that means getting off my ass and cleaning.

7.) Barb is in moving-out mode. She's doing serious apartment searching in KCMO this weekend, which promises to be a bit of an adventure. In the psychic sense, she's in a serious fluxxor-- this is probably the biggest self-directed change in her life, and she's stressed and a little scared about the whole thing. That vibe is definitely carrying over into the general household. I am not doing anything to appease or alleviate the fear and trepidation, it is not my place to provide solace anymore, and more importantly, it is a part of the whole experience that she needs to have.

8.) Winter cometh. I have yet to do any winterization of the house, and I still have AC units in a couple of windows that could probably come out without a whole lot of fear of 90-plus degree weather coming. The studio unit isn't much of an issue-- that can come out without a lot of fuss. The bedroom unit is a bit more involved as the computer system is currently ensconced rather firmly in front of it, and it will take some doing-- or rather some undoing and re-doing-- to get it the hell outta there. And really, it's pretty much a full load-out of the bedroom to do it the right way and get rid of the temporary work tables that are such a part of the existence of my life right now.

Overall, it's a phase change. I suppose I should embrace it, but holy cow nuts, I really want some stable downtime.

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