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Samples of naked weirdness

Today I met with a very nice lady by the name of Denise, who is a filmmaker. We met for coffee, and talked about filmmaking for an hour and a half, with an agreement to get together next week to do a test shoot with her new camera. Turns out she needs a DP as well, and I offered to call my friend Mark, who is an awesome DP and see if he might be interested. It was a good chance to talk to Mark, who had pretty much disappeared off the face of the earth since I last saw him at Halloween.
Not only was Mark interested, he wanted to know if I'd be interested in a film project that he had latched onto earlier today. Then we got talking about the Horror Inc. gig, and he was excited about the possibility, so it looks like we will get to do more stuff together, which is way cool.
Also turns out that Mark was an unemployed hermit, and buried himself much like I have been doing. He just started a new job today, so he was in a mood to be semi-outgoing.

Timing is everything.

On the jobhunt note: I did get a call this morning from a recruiter with a possible fit. After a little bit of job history conversation, it turns out he knows my boss at the last job and called him for a reference.

The reference was quite good, and he's going to be pushing me for this position, which is a 3-month contract. It pays less than my normal asking price, but it's very close to where I live. And it's a lot more than unemployment.

"A one inch deep gopher mote won't contain a bear."

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