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Oct. 23rd, 2006

In the dream, there was a party that was happening at an old abandoned house in a swampy lake area somewhere-- I don't know where exactly-- but it was in a neighborhood of old late 1800's-era abandoned houses. Not Victorian per se, more square and crackerbox, and very run down. Peeling paint, some clapboards missing, broken windows, the like.

The house that we were partying in was supposed to be haunted. None of us believed the haunting part, but it was a great backstory for a Halloween party.

I remember that we had to park away from the house, since there wasn't a driveway. I think it was because the ground was too soft to be able to drive a car on, but there were some rocky places as well. The land wasn't too well-defined.

AT the party, I remeber avindair was there, and we were trying to set up some candles and a place to cook. Exploring the shelves in the old kitchen, it seemed like we weren't the only ones who had had parties there, and we found some cans of sterno (stove fuel) and some other dry packaged food that still looked good. We had brought a bunch of food and supplies and some battery operated lights.

At some point, I realized that the house next door was occupied, but it was like they were having a party too, and they owned the house. The inside that I could see through the windows was really ricly decorated, with a lot of plush red and antique furniture. It was weird, because the exterior looked like hell.

As the party was starting and several people had gone to look for a beach, a couple of cars pulled up outside. They were black, and had the logo of the Chief of Police on the side. The Chief got on a bullhorn-- he was pissed-- and told us in no uncertain terms that we had to leave, that the property was condemned and if we didn't get off the place immediately we were going to jail. He never did get out of his car, which was weird.

We started to pack up and herd everybody back to the cars. Somehow I ended up packing up stuff after everyone else was gone, and as I was trying to get back to the cars, it was like I couldn't find the trail. I ended up walking through areas of huge insect nests, walking through exposed tree roots suspended over some very scary-looking water, and ended up at the bottom of a rock face, the top of which was the place where all the cars were.

I started climbing, but a lot of the handholds were crumbly and chunks of rock broke off in my hands. I kept calling for help, because there were people up there, but all they did was look down and watch me, no help at all. I made it almost to the top when I disturbed a nest of some weird insects-- a cross between wasps and big spiders-- and I fell back to the bottom, where I noticed that the whole rock structure where the cars were parked was eroded and crumbly and could collapse at any minute.

I tried finding a different way, but every trail led me back to the house in a different way. Everyone else had gone, and I was alone.

I continued along a trail that ended up taking me back to the house in the basement. It was full of junk: i remember a light bulb that had a pre-edison base in some sort of fixture that was all dented. It was like the house ate the things of the people that had been there, and I realized that the house had eaten me too, and it wouldn't let me go- I had become a part of it now.

Then I felt some sort of insect crawling on my face-- and I woke up to find stoopikitty sniffing my face and his whiskers were tickling me. Little bastard kitty wanted to get petted.


Oct. 23rd, 2006 05:45 pm (UTC)
Well, it probably didn't help that I added Diet Root Beer to my wine...
Oct. 23rd, 2006 06:03 pm (UTC)
On purpose?
Oct. 23rd, 2006 06:09 pm (UTC)

Of course, you can't blame me. The family was watching the 1980 stink-bomb Xanadu (which I had never seen)...also on purpose. I needed something to dull the bitter taste left in my mouth after I watched the male lead's "acting" (and I use that phrase loosely!). A Red Wine with Root Beer seemed just about right.

It wasn't.

But hey! Olivia Newton John was unbelievably gorgeous. And it was fun seeing stuff from 1979 - 80 again.

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