Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

<td align="center"> magicmarmot's Amazing Mental Ability ...

Your Amazing Mental Ability

You can go hours on end without a single thought - think of it like holding your breath ... but holding your.. um.. brain.

You can cause any song stuck in your head to become stuck in the heads of everyone within 100 feet.

You can pee gasoline, if you concentrate really hard. Don't tell the oil companies... and don't play with matches.

(Remember ... with great power comes great responsibility!)

'What is your Amazing Mental Ability?' at</td>

Just finished my hosted meeting, which was an hour-and-a-half of process refinement. Brainy-brain brain, ouchie. A useful meeting though, got something actually accomplished.

Thermostat wars have come to a conclusion. The facilities manager is adding a separate HVAC system specifically for the bio lab and moving the existing thermostat back into our office area sometime next week. I/m thinking that there will still be some heating issues since the back door to the outside seems to be a touch drafty (I'm planning on picking up some weatherstripping) and it's about 12 feet directly behind me. Quite civil as thermostat wars go.

The nice thing is that the cold makes me feel all warm and cuddly and thinkin' about my favorate pagan mistress.

(Heh. Mom wanted me to meet a nice church girl. She didn't say what church.)

Plans for tonight: not sure, but probably involving some cleaning and sorting of the living room/dining room. I'm kind of leaning that way anyway since the majority of the porch work is done for the winter and it would be nice to actually be able to use the living room for... I dunno, living. Having people over. Social activities. Fire in the fireplace (considering just how much firewood I've accumulated in the last couple of years, probably a good idea). I would actually like to be able to have Artemis come over to my house once in a while rather than always being the one to invade her territory, and I may be the driving force behind the Fool's Halloween idea (having a Halloween party sometime during the winter to make up for missing this year's festivities), so actually having social space would most definitely not be a crime.

I'm trying to retrain myself that a few minutes here and there actually do make a difference.

Tonight will likely involve heading out to 'Nards to pick up some more plastic shelving units. I've become rather enamored of them for easy storage space, and I need more storage in the basement-- or rather better use of the storage in the basement-- and to bring in some stuff from the shed for winter. And move different stuff out to the shed for the winter.

And I bet if I picked up some tough reinforced sheet plastic, I could wrap the porch this weekend. Wouldn't look all that pretty, but it would be good against the snow and wind and allow for a bit of a dead space on the front of the house as a buffer.

And with that,

Screw you guys, I'm going home.

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