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baby, did you forget to take your meds?

I am very much feeling the pull of the creative goat, bleating my name in the dark of night wanting to cavort and frolic and play. Unfortunately, I'm in the midst of repairing my life and bringing my house back from the dead, and what time I can spare is being eaten by other things.

The cold isn't helping. Tonight I have to move stuff out of the shed in crisis mode so that it doesn't get destroyed by the cold (16 degrees tonight). Last night I did go to 'Nards and got shelves and plastic sheeting and a few other supplies, but I don't have a great space for the shelves yet, so they're going to be in mid-room for a while.

Barb moving out exacerbates this a bit, because there is a certain amount of staging happening that is taking up space-- prepping furinture for the move and all. That will be over in less than a month, or at least reduced: I suspect that she won't be getting everything in one trip. Call me cynical.

I'm kind of holding off figuring out how to utilize the space of the house until after Barb is gone. I'll have a much better idea of what is left after that, and how I should attack the repairs. Thinking of turning the Room Where No One Walks into a media room/library. It would be a good room for that, unless I do decide to do the roommate thing-- not currently, but after the main part of the house is made more dignified.

I could move the TV in there, set up a media PC to feed it, coalesce all of the DVDs into one place, build bookshelves, and have a nice escape cave. It would move the TV out of the living room and leave that as a social gathering place for times when I have social events. Fireplace, places to sit and talk. Maybe a gaming table.

I miss being social. I miss being a hub of activity. I've been out of that role for so long that I don't remember how to be that again.

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