Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


If this is your life, why is it full of people who seem to think that you belong to them? Why do you feel so responsible for the needs of others? Why do you face so many expectations? And why do these differ so dramatically from person to person? It's nice to be needed. It's not so nice, though, to be depended upon, put under pressure or taken for granted. You can't walk away from a crucial commitment - but you can, at least, make sure that it does not rule your world entirely.

"Courage is not the abnormal," wrote poet Jack Gilbert. "Not the marvelous act. Not Macbeth with fine speeches. It is the thing steady and clear. The marriage, not the month's rapture. The beauty that is of many days. The normal excellence, of long accomplishment. Not the Prodigal Son, but Penelope." Gilbert's words are my gift to you, brave Taurus. Of all the signs, you best express the virtue of steady devotion to the demanding challenges of beauty and truth. In the coming week, I predict that you will dramatically prove how miraculous that quality can be.

Your energies are high, you feel good, and you believe that you can do twice as much work as usual, which you probably can. This time is also favorable for most business activity, for your actions are blessed with insight that helps you succeed in business where others might fail. For the same reason, this is a good time for making decisions. You have a very clear sense of yourself and your needs, so that you can make decisions according to your best interests, in the largest and most enlightened sense of the phrase. If you must take chances or do something that you can't foresee the outcome of, this is as good a time as any. Your optimism now creates a positive energy that will attract favorable results from your gamble. Besides, you have the sense at this time to avoid any real risky ventures.

Sensing a theme of slow and steady, caution but improvement.

Meh. Not exactly news, ya know?

(EDIT: did a thing that was supposed to give me my soulmate's name. Considering that I don't believe in the concept of the soulmate, I got some stuff texted over my phone.)

If you're wondering why you keep bumping into things, it's because you're blinded by your desires. Open up and look around today.

eye colour - brown blue or green (pretty wide choice there...)
year - year of the dragon and the rat (I'm a Tiger)
Starsign - capricorn, virgo, or scorpio
Name - starts with T, E, O, or Y.


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