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We've been dating for several weeks now. Still in that new phase, still finding out a lot of stuff about each other, making sure that it's actually attraction to the other person and not just the novelty of having someone to be with.

Maybe that's not such a big deal to y'all, but after you've had your spleen handed to you on a few occasions, you tend to become cautious.

But yeah, I have a girlfriend.

It's weird to say. The concept is more something that I think of as a hormonally rampant teenager having instead of a fortysomething cranky old fart, and it's really something that I never really thought of.

I suppose the word is just a label. The concept is still kind of nebulous; I don't entirely know what it means. Parts of it are very nice. I was geeking out tonight over something in a Dr. Who episode, and I realized that I was geeking out and felt embarrassed, and she thought it was fun.

She wants to see me in my "natural habitat".

Um... hello, panic?

No, there is progress. There is just far more not done than done, and it's gonna take a while.

For now, sleep.

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