Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Gosh, you'd think there was an election yesterday or something.

I honestly didn't see many surprises. I didn't think Hatch would beat Pawlenty, but I'm surprised at how close it was. I'm surprised and rather joyful at Amy Lee's showing. Not surprised at Patty Wetterling, though disappointed at Bachman's win.

The big surprise for me today was Rumsfeld. I'll miss the old coot. I still use his "unknown unknowns" speech because I love it so.

Note to self: whenever W says "You're doing a hell of a job", start sending out your resume.

Gay marriage amendments: Anybody want to try and take on the constitutionality based on church and state separation? I know it's not literally in the constitution, but the Supreme Court has made the decision quite so, and I think there is some pretty solid ground on the legislation of religion or vice-versa: i.e. "marriage" is a religiously-based institution, and is also a state institution with legal bindings. How is this not an issue?

(One can argue that the marriage itself does not have any religious trappings as you can be married by a justice of the peace; I say fine, then take marriage away from the church and see how far that goes.)

Will we see change? I'm not exactly holding my breath. The economy is poised to take a great festering dump, and the democrats will be blamed for that. Other than that, I expect there will be a great deal of noise for a couple of months, and things will settle into business as usual until we start looking at the next election cycle.

I fully expect a major war in the mideast by then, possibly brinking on world war. And the election of President Giuliani, primarily because the DNC won't come up with a candidate with enough charisma to beat him.

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