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Very often when I get the urge to write something, it's because something is whirling around in my brain. I can usually pick it out by mentally asking for a name, a place, a color, a mood, whatever fits what I want to work on. Occasionally something gets pushed to the surface: an image, a short visual clip, or in this case, a sentence.

This popped fully-formed into my head, and while I could write a story around it (or at least a scene), there is a certain standalone quality to it that I like.

The weirdest thing that ever happened to me was when I discovered that my superfluous third nipple was actually a fully-formed vermiform twin with telekinetic abilities and a hankerin' for cheese.

This now in my mind has a particular scene attached to it. It's a scene from a movie, shot in a bar with warm orange lighting, Diedrich Bader drinking a beer and telling this story to someone who hasn't been revealed yet.

If I were to explore deeper, I could root out where this stuff comes from inside my head, but I don't think I wanna. It's more fun just to write the stuff down and ride it where it goes.

You gotta admit, there's a hook there.
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