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Nap goooood.

Today I got to take a nap. I let the pooch up with me for a little cuddle time, which usually lasts for 15 minutes or so. This time, I think there was a combination of being a little cold and getting some much-needed attention, but we ended up napping for about 2 hours, and it was very sweet.

Later on, we all went for a walk, which the pooch sorely needed-- she's cooped up a lot when it's cold. She was a nut, frolicking in the snow (which she loves), and I remembered to bring the laser pointer-- and as we walked by the tennis courts, she remembered one of her favorite games, which is Chase The Red Thing (the laser pointer), and made a beeline for the tennis courts.

We played for probably 20 minutes. A little extra fun: the courts had a thin layer of ice on the bottom, so she got to run and slide and skid around corners... that was one very happy dog.

Right now, she's curled up sleeping.

All in all, a pretty good dog day.

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