Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

On the bike last night, first time since before Omegacon. It was hard, but I made 50 minutes, so I'm not overly concerned. There were some issues with congestion from the strep, but minor and inconsequential.

Downside is that afterwards, I was pretty much wiped out. Where I could have done some needed cleaning and organizing, I pretty much just shut down. I don't want to keep doing that because it's pretty clear that I need to do stuff to bring the house back into being a house, and weeknights after work are a necessary part of that effort. And while I can place a certain amount of the blame on getting over teh sick, it doesn't wash in the larger scheme of things.

Thursday and Friday of this week are holidays from work. I will be going to the House of Artemis for the Day of Reckoning Turkey, but I do have then a long weekend with which to redeem some amount of cartilage.

Tired today. Too much think-y, not enough do-y.

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